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The Green Gallery Artwork



City River of Plastic

"City River of Plastic" by Charis Chang 


 "City River of Plastic" accentuates the importance of recycling, as it depicts the plastic we use on a daily basis which creates plenty of plastic pollution that is harmful to our water sources. The impact of one-time use plastic is often overlooked, yet if we all reduced our plastic usage and retained regular practices of recycling, our water sources and the aquatic ecosystems that live in them could be protected from this damaging pollution.


The Deforested Horizon

"The Deforested Horizon" by Charis Chang 


"The Deforested Horizon" aims to bring awareness to the loss of natural habitats for bird species resulting from deforestation. Species in Southeast Asia and South America are affected the most due to the large amount of deforestation occurring in those regions. Deforestation is caused by a variety of urban issues including climate change and land development. In the process of urbanization, issues of climate change and land development are causing natural bird species to experience significant consequences in the loss of trees/natural habitats. 



Lost In The Glow

"Lost In The Glow" by Charis Chang 


 "Lost In The Glow" is a piece that brings attention to the issue of light pollution that is mainly caused by artificial light - emitted by buildings - that interferes with the natural darkness of the night sky through the glow created. While not commonly known, light pollution has lasting negative effects as it disrupts natural human sleep patterns, affects the balance of ecosystems since the behavior of nocturnal animals are affected, and makes it harder to see stars in the night sky. 

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